In the Light of the Moon

by Michael-Angelo

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released August 2, 2016


all rights reserved



Michael-Angelo Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: In the Light of the Moon
In the Light of the Moon

I want to love you and treat you right
I want to kiss you, and do dirty things with you over night

We’ve been waiting for this perfect time, ‘cause we know we don’t sleep and
we can go all night
In the light of the moon

Every part of you is an exotic fruit
I can’t starve forever, come on and don’t deny that you’re in the mood
And if you’re kind of shy, we’ll let the twilight show us another part of love,
It won’t be rough, we’re gonna take it slow and lose our minds

From across the canyon, I caught your glowing eyes,
You weren’t there for nothing, I read right through the tales we’re chasing
For a month, until the full moon passes and the dawn is breaking
We run free, we let the love and time take us to the top of the

Hills to wait for the dusk to come, ‘cause we know we don’t sleep and we could go all night
In the light of the moon
Track Name: Solve it Tomorrow
Solve it Tomorrow

Clouds are black and get me so sad
But sky shows blue and reminds me of you
Flashing rays of love
But shadows hide your heart

Just (Lets) watch the sun burning yesterday’s problems
‘cause it’s no big deal, we can solve it tomorrow

The stars will fall if you stay untrue
But space ships take us there when you try

Straight up love just fixed it with time
And smiles blow lightly all around now

We don’t care what’s to say
We don’t care what’s to do
We don’t know

So we kiss on this hill as we watch the sun go down
I got grass stains on my jeans and I just don’t care
Track Name: Back in Time
Back in Time

Will we go back in time in another twenty years or so?
Will we go back in time just to spill a little blood for gold?
Will we go back in time and will we act like we’ve never been told?
Will we go back in time until we make a good mess of this world?

I don’t believe in all this past
‘Cause all I see are coming times
And I don’t know why we can’t let go
And we must be foes

Did you just find out today that there’ll always be a price to pay?
Did you just cry out to say that you never meant to make mistakes?

And I don’t think this is fair, and I wonder what compares
Shells are falling, reality is calling, I don’t think we should stay

And we go back in time, and we take it like it ain’t no crime
We go back in time, like there were no other way we’d climb
Track Name: Life: a Song
Life: a Song

Waves of lights and shadows
Loose oceans and tied meadows
Woven to be ripped shorter than long
The assonance of love and lust
The dissonance of pain and trust
The rings of fire that keep our desires
These are the keys that lock an entire
Life: a song

Longing similarities
And pending opposites on my tongue
Simple and clear, like point form
Ironic metaphors just like a poem
The attractive form of a nude body
Lights the universe to see
Crooked teeth and evil eyes
Glaring in a dark disguise
Life: a song
But beware: the silence

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